(CRO) hosts raffle to win 4 Tesla cars

On the occasion of Tesla’s arrival in the “Bitcoin Club”, the (CRO) platform is winning 4 vehicles from the manufacturer to its users via a raffle. What are the eligibility criteria and how can you increase your chances?

Try to win a Tesla with

The news will not have escaped you, Tesla has just invested $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin (BTC) . The cryptocurrency price has exploded higher and the market as a whole is showing iron health.

On the occasion of this special event for the industry, the Financial Peak platform is organizing a major raffle and will not offer one, but four Tesla cars to its users via a raffle , a lot of ‚worth over $ 250,000.

Under certain conditions, all users who trade cryptocurrency with the app will have a chance to win a Tesla Model S, Model X, Model Y or Model 3.

The taking into account of participations takes effect from today, and will end on March 8 at 12 noon. To be eligible for the raffle, you must exchange at least the equivalent of $ 100 of BTC on the app.

Then, each participant will be assigned a ticket for the raffle. At the end of the entry period, will conduct a draw to determine the 4 winners.

To increase their chances, each participant can get up to 20 additional tickets by wagering CRO tokens in the app. Here is the table listing the number of additional tickets that can be obtained according to the number of CRO tokens in staking:

And if you win one of the cars, but you are not particularly interested in it, will send to your wallet the equivalent of the vehicle price in CRO tokens.

Is’s crypto-card more accessible?

Since the beginning of January, cryptocurrency purchases through the application are exempt from all fees for new users, for 30 days after registration. An offer that makes it easier to be eligible for receiving a crypto-card from

Well known in the crypto-sphere,’s crypto-card offers 1-8% cashback with every spend depending on the model. In addition, for any order of a card from the Metal range, a bonus of $ 25 is transferred directly to the user’s wallet.

At the time of writing, the first card eligible for this offer, the Ruby Steel , requires 5,000 CRO tokens to be staked on the application, or nearly 300 euros . In addition to a 2% cashback paid on purchases, owning a Ruby Steel allows you to get a full refund of a Spotify subscription.

Depending on the number of CRO tokens in staking on the platform, it is possible to order other models giving more advantages. However, the Ruby Steel card remains to this day one of the best compromises offered by